Disney World Here We Come Again!

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Disney world Vacations – Finally Taking The Plunge

We just got done doing a vacation down at Disney World last year. It was fun we stayed in our time share and it was about 5min drive from Disney itself. We drove down and stayed in North Carolina where I visited a internet marketing friend.

Anyhow this is the first time we are flying our daughters to Disney and doing the whole disney vacation package thingy…  Its not about me its about my kids.  I am getting ready to tell my girls we are going to Disney tomorrow.  I think they are going to be surprised!

Disney World Vacations – I think everyone has been there

Mostly everyone I know has been to disney at one point or another.  After visiting the place you really begin to believe it is a small world after all 🙂

One thing I love about Disney is they have the best employee’s. It is dam hot in Florida and there are families all over the place,  I have yet met a an employee that was rude or annoyed even. Everyone seems to have a smile plastered to their faces..

Talk to you all next week!

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3 thoughts on “Disney World Here We Come Again!”

  1. I agree that the employees, or Cast Members as Disney calls them, are the people who make all the difference and turn an ordinary vacation into an extra-special one. I ams sure your daughters will be crazy happy when they get the news. Have fun!

    1. Thanks Disney Dude!

      I agree the cast members make all the difference. The girls were shocked at first, but once it sunk in they were jumping up and down.. I have a bunch of pictures I am going to share once I return home..

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