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Protecting Yourself In A Knife Attack

I don’t think any sane person wants to be in a knife fighting situation. The truth is if you happen to be on the victim of a knife attack there are some things you can do to minimize the risk to you.

One of the reasons why I am so passionate about sharing what I know about Kung Fu techniques is because while there is a lot of good information online there is also a ton of bad information.

I’ve watched videos on how to defend against knife attack that just won’t work in real life.

For example: Take this video right here…

In theory the technique looks like it will work. Assuming of course your attacker does exactly that type of an attack.

I found in my own martial arts training that if you trained with fixed sets, it’s harder to deal with unpredictable scenarios. ┬áThat’s why I like the idea of how my sifu explains what to do in a knife attack situation.

Because, rather than creating multiple attacks to use against 1 attack. He teaches you to attack the attack. Keeping it simple and less of a chance for error.

You can see what I mean:

How would you deal with a knife attack situation?


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