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Ketogenic Diet – Change The Way You Eat

Something has been weighing heavy on my heart lately. Recently I started I a new diet plan. I actually stumbled on this particular diet by accident because A friend of mine was talking about it via a network marketing opportunity.

While I wasn’t interested in the opportunity I was interested in learning more about Eating a Ketogenic diet.

What I learned shocked me…

I have been eating wrong for the better part of 30 years. I have struggled with my weight most of my life. The reason is because I simply didn’t understand how easy it was to eat good healthy food.

In fact I was living a life of a drug addict relying on sugars and carbohydrates for energy and happiness.

Who knew, that once I weened myself from sugar and high carbohydrates that my body would start to heal itself and I would no longer crave the things that where ultimately ending my life expectancy shorter than it should be.

The Food Pyramids

This is how my government tells me to eat


It looks like a healthy way to eat. However what you are not told is that by eating sugars and all those carbs your body begins to crave more of them. In turn this starts doing things to your body like spiking your insulin and making you physically un healthy.

In short if you eat like this there is a good chance you are already over weight are you are starting to become overweight. Especially as you get older and you start to naturally loose more muscle through the natural aging process.

The Ketosis Pyramid


This my friend is a more healthier way to eat. Eating this way will help you loose weight as well as keep things like Diabetes and Cancer away.

I don’t recommend going hardcore this way. Instead I suggest you use this food pyramid as a guide on a healthy way to eat.

There is a saying that: “Change Happens In An Instant”. This is a true statement. However, every journey starts with a first step.

If you want to live a longer healthier and happy life I suggest you stop what you are doing right now and do a google search on Ketogenic diet and read the pro’s and con’s of the diet.

It has changed my life. You are what you eat never meant more to me than it does today. I wish I figured this out before I was 40 years old.

But it’s never to late to better yourself.

Talk to you soon,

Larry Rivera

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