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Christmas TreeThis is indeed a touchy subject. Every year since I have been a child this time of the year brings up lots of questions without any clear answers.

Is it okay for a Christian to celebrate Christmas? I was born and baptized into a Catholic family.

I left that faith years ago and would consider myself a Christian in the sense that I believe Jesus Christ was born and died for my sins. Because man is corrupt.

I learned along time ago that the celebration of Christmas really has nothing to do with the Bible. That the roots of Christmas are actually from pagan tradition.  The question is:

Is it okay to celebrate Christmas?

Personally for me, I don’t much care for the holiday. Research and study does

prove that Christmas isn’t biblical. But does that make the holiday in of itself bad in modern times?

I’ve spoke to some people who believe passionately believe that a Christian shouldn’t celebrate Christmas because it sends mixed signals to non – ┬áChristians. Especially pagans who see Christians as really celebrating their holiday. If you do your research you will see that this is a true statement.

I have also spoken to Christians that don’t have a problem celebrating Christmas and look at it as a way to spread the gospel.

I can find scriptures that both support the idea of Christmas and frown on the idea of Christmas.

Personally, I like this particular scripture on the matter.

Titus 1:15 the Apostle also warns against those who see evil in almost anything and condemn it. For these people, a lot of things have the appearance of evil, but purity is first of all a matter of the mind and conscience, not merely the external. “To the pure, all things are pure; but to those who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure, but both their mind and their conscience are defiled.” (NASB)

I celebrate the holiday because of tradition, it’s something my family has always done. I enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling that people get around this time of the year.

I know there are lot’s of people who also get sad this time of year. Every year I look at this question and I wonder what God thinks about it.

It would be nice if he would part the sky and just tell us what is right and what is wrong.

Fact of the matter is I don’t celebrate a pagan holiday, because I am not a pagan and never have been. I have always served the one true living god.

I can accept both sides in my opinion it’s okay to celebrate Christmas if your intention is to honor and remember the one who died so that you could go to heaven.

I can accept that it’s not okay to celebrate Christmas at all. If the spirit calls you not to celebrate it , then you shouldn’t.

I can even accept that if you want to celebrate all the paganism that it’s your right to celebrate that. I am not on this planet to judge other people and how they should live.

I don’t know what day Jesus Christ was born. I don’t know what Christmas trees or mistle toe has to with it. Frankly, I am not concerned with all of that..

All that I really know is this…..

If you personally feel as a Christian that you shouldn’t celebrate Christmas than don’t do it. If you feel as a Christian that you want to celebrate Christmas go ahead.

I believe that god knows your heart. I believe that war between good and evil is in our minds….

If you are celebrating the holiday from a pure heart with the intention of honoring your savior that doesn’t seem like a bad thing. If you are celebrating Christmas because of the commercialism and making your Christmas tree an idol then yes, maybe there is a problem there.

If you are the type of Christian that wants to purely follow scriptural teachings, god bless you.

My final thought on this question is simply I love you and respect you. Go in peace and love your life.

Final Thought:

One thing that I think everyone should consider at all times is whom is it that you are speaking to. If as a Christian you feel your mission is to save souls and be a beacon of light. Then you need to really pay attention to who you are talking to.

Some people will be turned off by Christianity because they see Christians who celebrate Christmas as hypocrites.

In that same breath there are some people out there that finally let god into their lives at a Christmas celebration.

The most important thing to do is listen to the person you are speaking to. And live a life that is pleasing to the king of kings and lord of lords……..



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