My First Every League Of Legends Recording

I Done Did It – And I have Been Wanting to do it for years

League Of Legends


So I have been gaming for many years now.  One of the biggest reasons why I got involved with online marketing was because I realized I was spending hours and hours a week playing computer games. Back in my early 20’s I was still working a j.o.b and just training in martial arts. I wasn’t teaching, I wasn’t doing anything really just spending all my free time playing computer games.  While that was fun I really felt like I wasn’t making good use of my time.

…That is when I got the bright idea that I would try my hand at marketing on the internet.

League Of Legends – Going Back To My Roots


I have been wanting to find a way to connect with the gaming community. I believe that there are thousands of gamers out there who would be a perfect fit for online marketing.  I am starting with League of legends because it happens to be the game I am playing right now.

But there are literally thousands of games that are played online.  I think I found a way for me to justify my gaming 🙂

I am on the search for like minded people who would be interested in a lucrative way to make money online. Gamers are a perfect fit because they are already spending lots of hours online. I can teach them how to take that passion and turn it around and earn a nice profit.

So calling all computer gamers, console gamers anyone over the age of 21 who is interested in earning lots and lots of money living the internet marketing rockstar lifestyle.


All that means really is, being able to do what you want, when you want, because you want. If your spending your evenings grinding to level 70 or your building an empire on minecraft. Learn how to take that passion and turn it into $$$$$$

Simply fill out the form that says work with real people on the top right of this blog and I’ll get the details out to you asap! In the meantime enjoy the video I did recently Playing a game of League Of Legends..


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  1. I think its an interesting concept Larry to turn something you love into something that can make you money. I’m sure YouTube would probably form a major part of this possibility thanks to all the available YouTube partnerships around these days.

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