Cheesy Rock Love Ballads That Men Love But Won’t Admit It


I thought this would be an interesting bit to do. I know there are songs out there that men love but will never admit it in public.  I will let you be the judge though. You tell me.

If your a guy have you listened to these songs before?

Skid Row ( I Remember You )

Damn Yankies  (High Enough)

Cinderella – Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)

Black Sabbath  (Changes)

chickOkay I know there are some guys out there looking at these videos thinking omg this guy is cheesy.

But I know deep down inside you listened to these songs one time or another.

Chances are you were probably sitting in the woods drinking some beers sobbing about how SHE broke your heart…..

Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne  (Close Your Eyes Forever)

One thought that lingers in my mind about these songs is how universal love is. How powerful of an emotion love is. I am sure boy or girl you have felt the sting of love.

Extreme  (More Than Words)

REO Speedwagon  (Keep on Loving You)

As started writing this bit, I realized that there are literally hundreds of cheesy rock love type songs. So rather than list them all I am hoping you will share with me some of your cheese worthy rock love ballads.

So what says you?

Which songs to you remember from your youth?


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