What Are You Expecting In Your Life?


Here is an interesting thought…

What are you expecting in your life? How do you measure happiness? Some folks say they are happy when clearly they are not. And there are others who say they are not happy when clearly they are. Some people are happiest when they are miserable.

Sounds confusing doesn’t it?

The real question I suppose is how did we get to where we are at?

I wanna share a story with you today that I haven’t ever shared with anyone before. Maybe it’s because I got done talking to a friend who is going through marital problems and it made me remember the story…

So here’s my story I guess I will title it:

You Git What You Got Because You Asked For It

One spring Sunday afternoon I was talking to my old pastor. I remember being sad that day because I just found out he was leaving to get treatment for his illness. He said “Larry god is good all the time” to which I replied, I agree.

He said, when I was younger I hung out with the wrong crowd and I did all the wrong things. Later when it caught up with me I ended up in jail and it was in jail where I was saved.  He said Larry god is good everyday. He gave me this congregation, he blessed my family. My children are good children, my wife is a good wife….

He said there are some days he forgets about his past. He said though his past has finally caught up with him.

You see, due to his lifestyle when he was younger he contracted Hepatitis C. Now later in life it has come back to haunt him. This conversation I had with him happened 9 years ago when my oldest daughter was an infant.

..His words and the way he said his words has stuck with me ever since

He said again… God is good, all the time. He is so good in fact he can’t go against his own laws.  He said to me it doesn’t really matter what man thinks, if they believe in god or not. But god’s reality is all around us even in non – believers, even if they choose not to see it.

I said what is that reality pastor?

He said, gods time line isn’t like ours. Our time here on this planet is short. It’s barely a blink of his eye. We reap what we sow. Even if we change our ways we reap what we sow and there is no way around it.

He said so yes I have been forgiven for what I have done in the past. But I still sowed the seeds. I still have to pay the price for what I have done. I am the pastor of this church and god has blessed this church. He worked through me, I know this.. But now it’s time to pay for what I have done.

He said it’s okay because I know where I am going and I can’t wait to get there, but the journey is a hard one. If I have any advice to give you it’s just this…

Always remember for every action their is a equal reaction, cause and effect is always at work… And I promise you, you will always reap what you sow.. So start sowing good seed now… You can never sow enough good seed…..

…My friends,

What you do does matter. How you act does matter. The decisions you make today will effect your tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and probably the rest of your life. You may not even realize that what you did 20 years ago is effecting you today.

So today’s story is a warning…

Guard your thoughts, safe guard your mind. Only bring into your life things that lift you up and make you better. If something is destroying you, get it out of you asap!

Think before you act…

That’s all for now, talk to you soon!


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8 thoughts on “What Are You Expecting In Your Life?”

  1. Hey Larry great post! Great reminder that we reap what we sow, and for every action there is an equal reaction. Sometimes it takes a little faith but if you do good and believe, it will come back to you 🙂

    1. Hi Katie, it’s true..

      The path to a good life isn’t that hard to follow, you just need to listen to your inner voice that tells you..

      ..Don’t do that!


      Go ahead and do that….

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. One of the most important things that you say was to think before you act. Some many people are guilty of this crime. Yes I call that a crime because it robs you of really acting in your best interest or the person that is a recipitant of you not thinking.

    I am happy with my life. It is not perfect. There are moments when it feels like I could run away but I feel that I have some much to grateful and thankful for. I believe that some people mistake temporary messes as meaning you are not happy.

  3. Hi Larry,
    Indeed we are what we think. Our thoughts shapes us and brings out whatever we manifest.
    BTW- Please always start ‘God’ with a big ‘G’ and not a small ‘g’.

  4. What a powerful message Larry and thank you so much for sharing it with us. Wow!

    I firmly believe what your pastor told you. That’s why I always say if you’re ever ticked about what you think someone has done to you always remember that it will come back to them. It’s not up to you to chose that path for them. It’s only up to God and he’ll take care of it if he thinks that’s what should happen. Let it go and only move forward doing the best you can with your life right now.

    I know I’m happy Larry! I think I was born happy although I have had my own bumps in the road. Ah, but they got me to where I am right now. Still smiling! 🙂

    Have a great week my friend and thanks again for this wonderful message.


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