Hi my name is Larry Rivera. I have been marketing on the internet for a little over 1o years at the time of this writing. When I first got involved with online marketing I thought it would be a easy fun way to earn money from my home computer.

Thousands upon thousands of dollars later I realized that it takes a lot more than wishful thinking.  In fact it takes a real level of commitment to learn all the important aspects of marketing online.

Besides marketing on the internet I play guitar and teach martial arts.  I guess you can say my life consist of a lot of M’s

(Married, Marketing, Martial Arts, Music)

I have been playing guitar and studying martial arts basically most of my life.  I teach martial arts offline and I have a  brand and marketing consultant business online.

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  1. Larry,

    Hi, I’m trying to learn about Ngo-Dac-Na. I’ve seen several YouTube videos of you and (mystery guy) demonstrating Ngo-Dac-Na, but there is NO INFORMATION ANYWHERE ONLINE.

    Who created it, who teaches it, are there any Ngo-Dac-Na books available?

    I would appreciate any leads you can give me.

    Jim Stahl
    Tacoma, WA

    1. Talk about a late response. I Jim, I am sure you have been wondering about this for some time now. The answer is a little complicated.

      I started putting videos up of my sifu because I could. When I started doing it I had no plans of taking it any further.

      Over the years, it became more and more clearer that folks really wanted more from us. This is why we finally decided to launch a website that teaches the Ngo Dac Na Concepts…

      You can check us out here: http://entershaolin.com

      Sorry for a really really late response.

  2. Did you ever make a DVD of you playing your music at old Coco Palms? How could I get a copy?

    What is on the VHS “I Love You Kauai”? Someone is selling it on EBAY. The reason I ask is that my husband and I stayed at the Coco Palms Kauai for our honeymoon and listened to you while we were there. We love your music and bought some more CD’s of yours but would love it even more if you were playing on the grounds of Coco Palms for memory sake. Is there a DVD of that?

    Love your music and look forward to hearing from you.

    Laurie Horn

    1. You have me confused with another Larry Rivera. Interestingly I am the 3rd Larry Rivera in my family and my family also comes from Hawaii. However no relation, at least I don’t think so with the gentleman who plays music in Kauai..

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