Ending My Love Affair With PC, Why I Switched To Mac

The first real experience I had with a PC was 1994. From the moment I first logged onto the internet I was fascinated with PC’s. I spent hours upon hours just typing stuff in the search browser to see what information I could find.

Then I played my first Computer game I think it was Star Wars “Rebel assault”.  The graphics of the game blew my mind away. Of course back than you had to jump through all kinds of hurdles to get any game to work correctly.

Over the next decade or so I started building my own pc’s mainly to just play more graphic intense computer games. I must of wasted thousands of hours of my life playing computer games. Continue reading Ending My Love Affair With PC, Why I Switched To Mac

And The Circle Of Life Continues…

Perhapes the hardest thing I’ve had to to come to terms with over the years is the reality of how short life is.

For our loved ones and our pets. I remember counting on my fingers how many people and pets I watched journey to their next destination. Now I have to really sit back and think about all those who has left before me.

Some of you who read my blog post might know that I struggle regularly with writing in this blog because it is so difficult to nail down a direction with it.

I have owned this domain now for years. It’s my name, it’s my fathers name it’s my grandfathers name. At the very least I wish to honor that name. That’s why I never know what to do with this domain.

Life isn’t about money or branding myself online. Life is about leaving a legacy for your family. It’s about savoring every moment you have because you never know when you will draw your last breath. Continue reading And The Circle Of Life Continues…

New Year Resolutions For 2016

I really hate talking about New Years resolutions so often people make them and they don’t ever finish what they started. I will admit though that I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to keeping resolutions.

With that said: my New Years resolutions are as follows.

  • Finally bring this blog to life and start focusing on bringing traffic here.
  • Make significant progress in my health journey.
  • Continue to develop my online business.
  • Be the best me possible

So well see how this goes……


Happy New Year and may you be blessed beyond measure this year 🙂

CHRISTmas To Make Merry Or Not That Is The Question

Over the years I have made a point to write about Christmas. I have friends who celebrate it and I have friends who do not.

Believe it or not their are many Christians in the world that don’t celebrate one of the holiest days according to many people of religion.

After all December 25th Christians celebrate the birth of the christ child. The problem occurs when you delve deeper into history and learn that this date isn’t accurate. Continue reading CHRISTmas To Make Merry Or Not That Is The Question